Rainmaker is a professional agency for sales, innovation and sustainability. Our experience relies to many years of experience in the areas of sales and innovation for the international industry. This Know How is complemented with our consolidated knowledge and practice in the fields of Cultural and Social Anthropology, Sociology and Science of Communication.

First of all some words about the term Rainmaker: originally Rainmaker is the name that the European colonialists gave to the shamans of the native North Americans. Maybe a term easily to misunderstand, which relies on the myth that the shamans would have supernatural skills that gave them the power to make it rain whenever needed. So the term Rainmaker is stereotypical of what the real functions of a shaman is for his community. The medicine man (another known term to characterize the shaman) was also in charge to maintain the rites, the religion, the language and the tradition and covered many other important functions besides of “making rain” or taking care of the health of the community.

With the increasing colonisation process of North America many indigenous elements were introduced to the new North American culture. Among them also the term “rainmaker” that started to be used as a synonym for company´s sales managers, those employees responsible for sales results, new customers, and new business opportunities.

Today, considering the overpopulation, the deterioration of the environment and the increasing social problems in the ancient and new world, we want to revitalize the term of Rainmaker. We start this attempt remembering that always all activities of the Rainmaker have been naturally in harmony with the environment and the community he was part of. All activities of the Rainmaker were naturally sustainable and this natural sustainability is our inspiration.

We believe that according to the ancient shamans also today´s managers have to consider not only their own and their company´s profit, but also to consider environmental necessities. Commerce has to understand the needs of our world and consider also the social and ecological necessities to secure mankind´s future. Our generation has to learn to cover their needs without endangering the future of generations to come. In order to do so, we need a profound rethinking of every individual. The right to take resources should always include the duty to give back and to protect environment. This new kind of sustainability starts with our own redesign of behaviour. To start doing it, we first need a rest and draw attention to ourselves. Practice of awareness and attention through meditation are important tools to begin with.

At Rainmaker we want to create a platform for professional and sustainable commerce. We are aware, that defining every special field of sustainability is a basic and continuous process – either within the development of a market in foreign countries, where local economical and cultural circumstances need to be considered, or within innovation processes, where not only products of high market potentials need to be developed but also accompanied by a sense for humans, environment and, last but not least, the own company. According to this, and considering the spirit of a global equity, all our services are steered by the spirit of the ancient “rainmaker”. Our services are:

- Sales and Marketing

Care of niche and special markets

- Business Development

Market development on new markets

- Innovation

Product development and optimisation of innovation processes.

- Consulting

Technical „Know how“ and „Know whom“ for special products and markets

- Coaching

Sustainability Management

Career and Individuality


Emigration and Integration

Conflict Management

Partnerships and Cooperation’s

Self-management  – awareness, attention, silence.

-Training for Managers and Sales teams in the following areas:

Business Development

Key Account Management

Product Management

Sales Management


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